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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] . live, this is kron 4 news at 11:00. with a developing story. the developing news tonight. an officer has shot a man who opened fire on him. the officer approached the suspect tonight. the suspect tried to run. when the officer chased the suspect fired at him and that's when the officer opened fire.
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he is expected to survive. join us tomorrow for a update on the shooting. >> they are back for the third monday in a row. protesters try to throw a wrench in to bart service. this time the riders are getting fed up. >> you are surrounded by people. cops protecting you. >> reporter: we take you inside the protest, show you bart's response and tell you why two were arrested tonight. >> kron 4's reggie kumar shows you what happened. >> reporter: monday's protest organized by "anonymous" was calmer this time around compared to previous demonstrations. about 4 protesters, some wearing masks and holding signs gathered at the civic center bart station. there was a confrontation between a commuter and
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protester. >> cops protecting you. >> as they walked down market street they chanted no justice, no peace, disband bart police. officers followed their every move. when they stopped at the powell and montgomery street station, one told the crowd bart officers will allow him to speak as long as he doesn't cross the gates. demonstrators are upset over bart cutting cell phone service and the shooting death of charles hill. >> it is unfair the bart police department is allowed to shoot people like charles hill. >> reporter: tensions were high when they moved to the embarcadero station where a protester crossed over the gate. it appeared he encouraged the crowd to do the same thing.
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that's when officers stepped in. there was a scuffle between police officers and demonstrators. two protesters were arrested for interfering with bart operation. the crowd walk back to civic center bart station. after that the protest ended. bart stations were not shut down and police say there were no reports ofiaries or property damage. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. our reporters say there were more police officers than protesters today. officers were waiting on a bus just in case things got out of control. today's protest was different than the previous two. the hacker group "anonymous" organized the protests. that decision paid off as the protesters were calmer today.
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a section of highway 12 which closed after a crash this morning is now back open. the accident happened at the salono line. a driver lost control and crashed into a tractor-trailer. several other vehicles ran into the big rig. one person was killed. eight were injured. the blocked traffic for most of the day today. the fbi and sheriffs are looking for these men who robbed a bank last week. they are photographs from the cameras. they entered the rabobank monday morning showing a hand gun and threatened the customers and employees. the two fled the scene on foot with the money. cooler temperatures for most of the bay area this afternoon. inland valleys were on the warmer side, upper 80s.
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85 livermore. 70s in the south bay. 70s for bay shores. 65 san francisco. only place where it was warmer, half moon bay. as we head into tomorrow we will see cooler conditions. patchy to dense fog overnight. right now we are not seeing much long the coast line. it pushes past the bay shores. 4:00 brings us breezy and cooler conditions. the winds could hit up to 35 miles an hour and temperatures cooling back into the low 80. we will have more details and your forecast in a bit. tonight new details about the san bruno pipeline explosion. authorities will release their final report tomorrow. today they released details about this section of pipeline that center of the
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investigation. kron 4's dan kerman has more. >> what we have here is over a 28-foot section of the pipe. >> reporter: 24 hours before the release of the final report on the san bruno pipeline explosion the chairman of the national transportation safety board met with reporters to show off the pipe and criticize pacific gas and electric for shoddy record keeping. >> installed in 1956 but we still don't have records from pg&e that tell us where they came from. >> reporter: as a result they say they will never know the full history of the pipeline which complicates from preventing this from happening somewhere else. >> we are interested in where they came from. because our concern is making sure if there is any defect or problem that was identified
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here we want to get to that. >> reporter: the more than 40 investigators looking into the explosion found significant problems with this section of pipe. called a pup. >> some of the material is substandard. the quality of the welds was also not consistent with what we would expect today or at the time with respect to industry standards. >> reporter: the san bruno pipeline explosion is the worst of its kind in more than a decade. 38 homes destroyed, eight people killed. on tuesday the ntsb will identify the causes and suggest what steps must be taken to prevent this from happening again. dan kerman, kron 4 news. still ahead at 11:00, why thousands thousands of bees swarmed a san francisco neighborhood. some of the areas hardest hit by hurricane irene. and we tell you if tim lincecum
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. a bay view neighborhood was just about shut down today when a swarm of bees decided to pay a visit and they didn't want to leave. kron 4's daniel villareal has more. >> reporter: if you don't like bees you wouldn't have like to be in this neighborhood. >> i saw my neighbor running. what is he running. he was like -- what is going on. bees everywhere. >> colony of bees buzzed around this block and for some reason decided to stay in the middle of the road. >> settled on the ground. i don't know why. but they were all there. >> reporter: it sent neighbors indoors and folks got a car full of bees.
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>> bees inside. coming, driving. >> police had to close off the streets. folk whose had to get to their houses were allowed to walk down the street. local bee experts were called in and they said there wasn't a lot for folks to be afraid of. they are actually gentle. >> they are thinking about getting to their new home. no territory to defend. unless you pick them up you are fine. so, i mean, honey bees are gentle. >> reporter: the queen bee may have been smashed on the road and the bees were still attracted to the scent. in san francisco, daniel villareal, kron 4 news. cooler weather expected tomorrow but a warm up in the extended forecast, i will tell you when coming up in a bit.
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. we want to show you new york city as tropical storm irene spun into town. why air traffic controllers were so threatened. of course, irene created mass delays and flight cancellations across there united states, including in the bay area. alejandra cerball spoke with travelers to made it today. >> reporter: they arrived to san francisco on the monday flight from newark but this wasn't part of their travel plans. they were supposed to head to china saturday but her plans were delayed because of irene. >> we don't know what to. >> reporter: they were told to fly to san francisco and tuesday get on a plane to china. she has no hotel reservations
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for tonight. >> low key because we take the seats that the person -- we take it. we are here. >> flight 1482 from newark. >> reporter: not everyone had to deal with a cancellation or delay. he thought he wouldn't be able to get on his flight. >> the flight was very choppy but it was fine. >> reporter: 31 flights were canceled monday at sfo. alejandra cerball kron 4 news. tonight irene is being blamed for 40 deaths. people have been killed in flooding, collapsed building, falling tree branches. this is what was left behind in north carolina. irene's damage is $7 billion to $20 billion. as kron 4's catherine heenan tells us, it could be weeks
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before we get reliable numbers. >> reporter: we are not just talking about rebuilding homes and businesses but lost tourisms, fixing streets and bridges. hurricane irene slammed into a region that is vital to the economy's health. new england account for 16% of the nation's economic output and 14% of its work force. damage in new york and new jersey might be the most expensive. because property values are so high there. new york's governor took a helicopter tour, he knows it's too early to gauge how expensive it will be. >> devastating in some areas and will get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: when the early estimates between 7-$20 billion, some are already estimating hurricane irene will be the eight most destructive
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u.s. storm economically. hurricane katrina inflicted more than $45 billion in damages. >> stay with -- as we track's hurricane irene impact and you can always find updates on the fog cleared out completely today but don't expect a similar situation for tomorrow afternoon. fog will return. back to the coast by noon, clearing to the north but not to the south. we are going to see cooler conditions as we get sea breezes tomorrow afternoon. a look at fog tracker tomorrow morning, fog into the bay shores, inland valley and delta as well. in the morning, pealing back. oakland and heyward still covered in fog at 11:00. and san francisco at the 4:00
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hour. san mateo holds on to the fog throughout the afternoon. cooler here, 70s. it will be in the 80s in los gatos and morgan hill. inland valley upper 80s today. 83 walnut creak and 78 livermore. 63 berkeley. 67 hayward. 72 fremont. staying cool close to the coast line. 70s in the north bay, 85 santa rosa, 83 fairfield. extended forecast, cool and windy tomorrow. cool for wednesday but starting to warm up towards the end of the work week. less fog and clear skies on friday. temperatures warming throughout the
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guess what? the giants hit rock bottom. few would disagree tonight's loss worst of the year. to the cubs. 2010 world series flag, scoreless in the fifth. once he flips the bat it's over. over the sign. 23 for the year. cubs 1-0. 7th inning. soto back away and that one is gone. 2-0 cubs. 2 round trippers against tim lincecum. happened again. three batters later. blake, a three run bomb off tim
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lincecum. 6-0 cubs. first time he gave up three home runs in a game. 7-0 the final. >> my purpose is to pitch and give my team a chance to win. that's my job. i didn't do that tonight. three poorly executed pitches. one when it counted and they hit them out of the park. three -- pitches. >> you see the frustration there. 12 straight series the giants have dropped the opening game. giants keep on slipping and the diamondbacks are rolling. diamondbacks hosting the rockies. 2-0 in the 6th. paul doubles to center field. justin scores. 4 run sixth continue for the diamondbacks who win 5-1 for their 7th straight victory and they lead the giants by 5 games.
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the a's not much better tonight. here is the story. bob in front of the fans who like jim, just a new member of the 600 home run club. santana in the 7th, solo home run. indians led 2-0. they win by a final of 2-1. what is the effect of tiger woods on a local tournament? bay area is about to find out again. woods has decided to play the open at the golf club, south of san jose. october 6-9. he played eight pga tours this year because of injuries. his appearance will serve as a warm up for the president's cup. ken stopped by earlier today. he won six grand slam titles.
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earlier today he talked about serena williams being a low 28 seed in the open which started today. >> i think that the usda should take a page from the lta. they go off of results based on boards, they use the rankings as a guide. she is one of the best on the tour. for them to throw her down that far it's an insult. >> a big upset on the first day. she was upset. she was the fifth seed, 52
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unforced errors. big factor today. wow! michael vic is about to get paid. michael vic and the eagles agreed to a six year contract, 100 million dollars and get this, 40 million of it guaranteed. come a long way since spending 18 months in a federal prison. this is a sign the eagles hitched their wagon to michael vic who is the quarterback of the present and future. all right. good night everybody. see you tomorrow.
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